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Nautilus Productions has provided the MUA with a twelve minute video about their recently completed documentary on the Mystery Mardi Gras shipwreck discovered in 4000 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico. Watch as researchers endeavored to discover information about the vessel's identity, its occupation, and its crew.

Fort St. Joseph Michigan

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Excavations have demonstrated that Fort St. Joseph contains undisturbed deposits that can provide information about life on the 18th-century frontier. Archaeological evidence clearly affirms the site’s considerable potential to make significant contributions to our understanding of ethnogenesis and the formation of new social identities among the residents of Fort St. Joseph.

Digital Inking

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Underwater Archaeologists Stephanie Gandulla and Nicole Wittig share their techniques for digitally creating line art from photographs.

Lost Colony

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The Institute for International Maritime Research, Inc., and the First Colony Foundation, Inc., have joined in a cooperative effort to locate and identify archaeological remains of the Raleigh Colony.


Also on the Lost Colony: A 2010 update by Bill Utley

Institute for Maritime History

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SHIP is a huge multi-state project designed to help State Historic Preservation Officers inventory, protect, and manage historic sites.  With professional guidance Institute of Maritime History volunteer divers and researchers scout for submerged sites, map them, gather archival data, and compile the findings into a computer database.

Other SHIP updates : 8/27/2007 / 10/09/2009

New Castle Delaware Project

Free China

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The Free China is a historic century-old Chinese sailing vessel on the verge of extinction.  An authentic Fujian junk used during the first half of the 20th century to transport fish and contraband, the Free China has a rich and colorful past.  The junk is possibly the oldest Chinese wooden sailing vessel of operable condition in existence—and the last of its kind.

Free China update by Dione Chen
Good News for the Chinese Junk Free China

Joy Parks

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Flinders University (in Australia) graduate student Mark Opdyke has conducted research and survey work on the Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Joy Parks located at the Piney Point Lighthouse Museum in Piney Point Maryland.

Jodi Carpenter

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Graduate student Jodi Carpenter recently took part in a remote sensing survey of submerged cultural resources around Jamestown Island. This research is in support of her Master's thesis at East Carolina University. Jodi has provided the MUA with this report.

Pamunkey River

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The Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society (MAHS) is organized for the purpose of enhancing public awareness and fostering appreciation for the significance of historic shipwrecks and other submerged cultural resources.


Pamnkey River Project Part 2


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