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Deborah Marx

Deborah Marx


The MUA provides educational resources for all grade levels K - graduate school.


The Educational Resources page offers information on undergraduate and graduate level underwater archaeology and maritime history programs. Listings are arranged by school and contain their contact information and links to their posts on the MUA.


The Teaching Kit page contains resources for teachers including information on how to obtain a free Teaching Kit, videos, documents, and learning paths designed for self directed student discovery on the MUA.


Deborah Marx


Digital posters and interative maps are one of the latest techniques the MUA is using to present underwater archaeological research to the public. They offer a unique way to explore projects.


Bermuda Field School in Maritime Archaeology presented by the University of Rhode Island and St. Mary's College in San Francisco. The poster page also contains videos by instructors Dr. Rod Mather and Dr. Jim Allan in which they discuss their objectives and what it's like to teach underwater archaeology to undergraduates.


Flinders University's Streaky Bay and Sceale Bay: Field School February 2010 Presented by Flinders University The poster documents the student's objectives and accomplishments for the 2010 season. PDF versions of the two student field journal entries can be found below the poster.


The MUA Worldwide Site Map Explore the world of underwater archaeology through the MUA's interactive map.


Additional websites Explore underwater archaeological projects by various organizations from around the world.


Kurt Knoerl

Deborah Marx


Archaeologists have long recognized the value of artistic representations of maritime scenes as a source of information. In a reversal of sorts there is growing trend of the involvment of artists in archaeological work along with an appreciation for the artistry of archaeological drawings. The following links highlight these themes as they appear throughout the MUA.


Art From Archaeology The MUA invited two professional artists, Elinor Mossip and Wendy Savage, to peruse our pages to see if any of the images spoke to them as artists and if so to select a few and share them with our audience. Their choices and thoughtful comments on six images make up this first ever MUA Art from Archaeology exhibit.


Raising the Fleet: An Art / Science Initiative The exhibit will convey the results of a recent art/science collaboration in which the exhibit team used their artistic talents and scientific expertise to develop new and exciting methods of exploring the underwater frontiers of Lake George, New York.


Japanese Wooden Boats in Woodblock Prints A Research Project Journal Underwater archaeologist Michelle Damian examined woodblock prints by various Japanese artists that depicted boats and maritime scenes to study construction techniques and cultural uses. She combined this with visits to libraries and museums in Japan to examine their models and archives for more information on vernacular ship construction. Her project journal narrates her innovative combination of art and material culture that was the basis for her Master's degree.


Digital Inking Underwater archaeologists Stephanie Gandulla and Nicole Wittig demonstrate two techniques for creating line art from photographs.


Google Art Gallery Google has partnered with nearly 200 art museums to scan and present some of the world's greatest art. The MUA has taken advantage of Google's collection to create a subcollection of maritime related art.


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