Exhibit With Us

Many underwater archaeologists work within limited budgets and under tight schedules, yet this does not relieve them of the responsibility to present their work to their peers and the general public. Although many organizations have their own web site or access to one through their respective departments they don't often use the Internet to publish their research. The most common reason given is lack of time, money, or expertise. The MUA was created to help with those issues. We charge no fees for creating or presenting exhibits.

Building a new exhibit can be easier than one might expect. Over the last two years our staff has developed templates that help us reduce the time and effort required to bring a new research project to the Internet. In addition graduate students have earned academic credit and gained valuable experience in web design and museum exhibit preparation through internships with the MUA.

An additional option for those who are in the midst of their work is to submit a brief description about the state of your current project for our "In The Field" feature. This can be as simple as sending us an email and an image. Once established with us you can submit updates on a regular basis and keep the public and peers up to date on your work.

Feel free to contact us about featuring your research on the Museum of Underwater Archaeology! mua@keimaps.com

T. Kurt Knoerl Ph.D.
The Museum of Underwater Archaeology