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Project Wrap Up
26 December 2008

By Michael Tuttle

As I sit here twenty miles north of Buffalo, New York in the low light of a winter morning and snow lightly falling and covering the ground, it is hard to believe that a short while ago I was diving in the warm waters off sun drenched Madagascar on the suspected remains of the 18th century Serapis.

Project Director Michael C. Tuttle.

Project Director Michael C. Tuttle.

Both time and distance have separated me from the site but there is still much to do. After completing the final dives the job of archaeology continues in many facets. There were meetings with officials on Ill Ste. Marie describing the project and wrapping up the field work and mapping out the next steps including the analysis. Additionally a meeting with the museum staff on Iliot Madame in Ill Ste. Marie went very well. The museum is the planned local repository and display venue for any artifacts recovered and conserved from the site.

Further meetings in Antananarivo, Madagascar? capital, with Dr. Chantal Radimilahy, Director of Instituut de Civilisations /Musee d'art et d' Archeology of the University of Antananarivo were planned to inform the Madagascar government of the overall project and plans for its future. Reports on the student training, archaeological findings, artifact conservation and other details were discussed and ideas generated for site conservation, protection and display.

Three days of meetings in two cities capped ten days of intensive archaeology, which followed five days of successful student dive training. Much was accomplished while in Madagascar. And there is still more to complete even after thirty plus hours in planes and airports, eight time zone changes, and reorientation to daily life.

Please look forward to a comprehensive report for the 2008 Serapis Project field effort that will contain historic documentation, field methods, archaeological analysis and potential recommendations for the preservation of the site.

Oh, I also have to fill out the paperwork for the budget bean counters as well. What a process!

Thank you for following our project log and we will continue to update this site as news items and analysis come in, Thank you again.

Michael C. Tuttle
Project Director


Please feel free to contact us at mua@keimaps.com with any comments, questions, or suggestions during the weeks to come.

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