Project Journals

Online Journals like those shown below offer the public an opportunity to see how professional archaeologists are trained and conduct their research. This feature includes projects conducted by universities, individual students, and research organizations. These journals provide a glimpse of the processes and procedures of archaeological research ranging from Japan to the Great Lakes.

East Carolina University's Program in Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology Field Schools

East Carolina University's Program in Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology conducts Summer and Fall graduate field schools. As part of their training in public out reach students contribute to these online journals.
View the 2007 Summer Journal
View the 2006 Fall Journal

Flinders U
Flinders University Maritime Archaeology Field Schools

The Flinders University Maritime Archaeology Field Schools provide students with an introduction to the techniques of underwater survey, position fixing, mapping, photography, recording, excavation and conservation.
View The 2010 Interactive Field School Poster
View The 2008 Journal
View The 2007 Journal

Japanese Wooden Boats in Woodblock Prints: A Research Project Journal by Michelle Damian
This project record the process of examining ship construction and roles of Japanese vernacular watercraft as depicted in late Edo-period (1603 – 1867) art. View the Journal
Lake Ontario
The Lake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape Project Journal by Ben Ford
This project examines the archeology of the shore in order to understand how people and goods moved from land to water and back again. The project focuses on how people interacted with the water along Lake Ontario’s shoreline between 5000 years before present and 1900. View the Journal
The Serapis Project
The project's goal is to focus on the historic and archaeological investigations of a vessel that was involved in the fiercest ship to ship naval confrontation during the American Revolution.
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Underwater Archaeology
Invasion Beaches Survey

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands on the Island of Saipan is attempting to inventory their submerged cultural resources so they can manage and work to interpret their underwater sites for the growing dive industry. They are making this project journal available as part of their public outreach efforts. View the Journal
UNESCO Sri Lanka Training Project Journal
This UNESCO training-of-trainers course is designed to prepare a Sri Lankan Team for their future role as lead trainers in future training programmes for trainees coming from participating Member States in the Asia-Pacific region. View the Journal
U. West Florida
University of West Florida
Maritime Field School 2008

Summer field schools directed and overseen by Dr. John Bratten and Mr. Greg Cook include training in public out reach through student contributions to these online journals.
View the 2009 Summer Journal
View the 2008 Summer Journal