Nevis Shipwrecks: Project Solebay


While this project is a component of my dissertation research in the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University, it would not have been possible without the support of many individuals and institutions.

Arthur "Brother" Anslyn
Lillian Azevedo
Bing the Mechanic
Javon Bissette
Ellis Chaderton
Bill Charlton
Llewellyn Collins
Kevin Crisman
Dwayne Daley
Michelle Damian
Julius Darlington
Troy Deppermann
Paul Diamond
Cameron Gill
Bob Foster-Smith
Judy Foster-Smith
Suzanne Gordon
Donny Hamilton
Spencer Hanley
Evelyn Henville
James Hewlett
Vincent Hubbard
Cynthia Hughes
Jim Jobling
T. Kurt Knoerl
Brian Littlewood
Rebekah Luza
Everette Mason
Marco Meniketti
Justin Parkoff
Ashli Roberts
Erin Sams
John Schlagheck
Ryan Schlater
David Small
Rebecca Spitzer
Hugh Stapleton
Diana Stellar
Bonnie Swain
Dwaine Walters

Adnams Southwold, PLC
Brimstone Hill Society
Bristol University - Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
Center for Maritime Archaeology & Conservation
Envision Mapping, Inc.
Finger Lakes Community College
Institute of Nautical Archaeology
The Museum of Underwater Archaeology
Nevis Historical & Conservation Society
Nevis Maritime Archaeology Group
San Jose State University
Scuba Safaris, Ltd.
Texas A&M University - Conservation Research Laboratory
Texas A&M University - Department of Anthropology

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