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March / April 2008

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Kasthuri Arachchilage Anusha Kasthuri

Anusha has been working in the Department of Archaeology as an Archaeological Research Assistant / Archaeological Conservator. She was Head of Conservation in Avondster Project (2002-2005). Her field of expertise is wood conservation. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Post-graduate Diploma in Archaeology, and a Post-graduate Diploma in Museology. She has submitted an MSc thesis on Architectural Conservation of Monument & Sites.

She is a member of International Council of Museum (ICOM), Honorary Member of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology (AIMA) and a Registered Member of the Sri Lanka Council of Archaeologists. She has worked at the Western Australian Museum as an intern. She has completed the UNESCO Field School Training-of-trainers program (2006) and Cultural Impact Assessment and Maritime Archaeology Field School in 2007. She has been a core team member of MAU since 1992.

Wijamunige Chandraratne
Wijamunige Chandraratne

Chandre has been working in the Maritime Archaeology Unit and Central Cultural Fund as an archaeology research officer (Diver) since 1993.  He graduated in 1994 with a degree in Archaeology, followed by a Post Graduate Diploma with the Post Graduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR) in 1996.  He has completed the NAS introductory and part 1 course.  He has also participated in the UNESCO training of trainers programme in 2006 and the ICCROM “ Impact Assessment and Maritime Archaeology” course in 2007. He is qualified as a PADI advanced \diver and has first aid (CPR) intermediate level qualifications. He is currently writing his MSc thesis on “Maritime archaeological research in Galle Harbour”.


Darshani earned a B.A. (Special) degree in Archaeology in 2000 at the University of Kelaniya, in Sri Lanka.  She trained in terrestrial excavation and pottery analysis with the Tissamaharama project (2001) and maritime archaeology with the ‘Avondster Project’ in Galle (2001-2004).  Darshani joined the Archaeological Department as an Archaeological Research Assistant. She is a qualified diver and has participated in UNESCO Field Schools in Maritime Archaeology in Sri Lanka in 2006 and 2007.

A.M.A Dayananda
A.M.A Dayananda

Daya has a B.A (Special) degree in archaeology (1995) and a post-graduate diploma in heritage management. He has completed the NAS part 1 course and the UNESCO Initial training of the trainers program in 2006.  He is also a PADI open water diver (1997) and has completed a life saving first aid course.  He has also worked in land archaeological sites as a conservation supervisor.

Leading Diver, Kithsiri Nayanananda Elahena

Elahena has been a Navy diver since 1997 and is presently attached to the Sri Lankan Navy Diving & Salvage unit Galle.  He has completed the Clearance Diving 3, 2 & 1 Courses from the Sri Lankan Navy Diving Training School at Trincomalee.

Gamini Saman
Kottawa Yaddehige Gamini Saman

Gamini is the head conservator [Southern Province] of the Central Cultural Fund in Sri Lanka.  In 1990 he joined the Post Graduate Institute of Archaeology at Kalaniya University.  He has joined several important international projects and field schools conducted in Sri Lanka.

HNS Perera
Lieutenant Commander (SSD) HNS Perera

HNS is a Sri Lanka Navy deep sea diving officer who is thirty five years old.  He willingly undertakes challenging tasks. He is married and blessed with a son and two daughters.  His hobbies are spear fishing and air riffle shooting.  He is fond of associating with people who are open minded, negotiable and outgoing.  Water sports and rugby football are his favorites. His ambition is to become a naval archaeologist and to serve the motherland forever.

Janaka Warusavtana
Janaka Warusavtana

Janaka has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Ruhuna and a Post Graduate Diploma of Archaeology from the University of Kelaniya. He has been a diving conservator at the Department of Archaeology and Maritime Archaeology Unit in Sri Lanka since 1999.  As a diving and laboratory conservator he has been actively involved in the ‘Avondster’ Maritime Archaeology Project in Galle, Sri Lanka.  He is interested in the conservation of organic, metal and composite objects. 

Kamal Zoysa
Kamal Zoysa

Kamal has been working as an artefact conservator with the Maritime Archaeology Unit of the Central Cultural Fund in Sri Lanka since 1996.  He has a BSc and postgraduate diploma in Archaeology.  He is interested in the conservation of organic materials.

S.M. Nandadasa
S.M. Nandadasa

Nande has worked as an archaeologist since 1993 at the sites in Sigiriya and Galle.  These are two World Heritage listed archaeological sites in Sri Lanka.  He then joined the Maritime Archaeological Unit (MAU), as an underwater archaeologist in Galle.  He received a special degree in Archaeology in 1992 and a diploma in architectural conservation in 1993.

K.D.Palitha Weerasingha
K.D.Palitha Weerasingha

Palitha has been working in the Maritime Archaeology Unit (MAU) and the Central Cultural Fund in Galle as an archaeological research officer since 1992.  He graduated in 1995 with a BA in Archaeology and is now pursuing an MA.  He has completed the NAS part 1 and First Aid /CPR courses.  He is a PADI advance diver. 

Pradeep Kumarasingha Thannegedara
Pradeep Kumarasingha Thannegedara

Pradeep has been working with the Department of Museums since 1994.  He joined the Maritime Archaeological Unit (MAU), based in Galle, in 1993 as an underwater archaeologist.  He has been engaged in a number of underwater archaeological activities around the Galle Harbour.   He received a special degree in Archaeology in 1993, graduate diploma in Archaeology (1995) and Musicology (2002).

Rasika Muthucumarana
Rasika Muthucumarana

Rasika has been a member of the Maritime Archaeology Unit of Sri Lanka from the beginning of the Avondster project in 2001. He has been working as a Research Officer/Excavation Supervisor.  He has a BA Special Degree in Archaeology (2001 University of Peradeniya) and is currently reading for an MPhil. He is interested in underwater photography and painting.

W.K. Sanath
W.K. Sanath

Sanath has worked as an Excavation Officer for the Department of Archaeology since 1999. He has also been working with the Maritime Archaeology Unit (MAU) since 2004. Having secured a BA (special) degree in Archaeology from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura and a Diploma in Archaeology from the PGIAR, he is now pursuing an MSc in Archaeology.

Nerina de Silva
Trainer: Nerina de Silva

Nerina earned a B Sc. (Hons.) in Archaeological Conservation from the University of London. She currently spends time between projects for the Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka, an archaeo-metallurgical survey of early iron sites in Sri Lanka and on-site conservation in Turkey.  She has worked in the past for English Heritage, the Kuwait National Museum and on projects in Sri Lanka, including the Galle Harbour Project (1996 - 1999) and briefly on the Avondster shipwreck excavation in Galle, Sri Lanka. 

Alok Tripathi
Trainer: Alok Tripathi

Alok heads the Underwater Archaeology Wing of the Archaeological Survey of India.  He obtained his Masters Degree in Archaeology (1986), and Sociology (1992) and was awarded Doctor of Philosophy (2003) in Archaeology. He has participated in several underwater excavations in the Arabian Sea; Bay of Bengal; Mediterranean Sea; English Channel, and Indian Ocean. He has directed the underwater archaeological excavation of a historic shipwreck, Princes Royal, off Bangaram Island, the excavation at Elephanta Island, excavations at Dwarka in the Arabian Sea and excavations at Mahabalipuram in the Bay of Bengal.

Andrew Viduka
Trainer: Andrew Viduka

Andrew is currently enrolled in the Masters of Maritime Archaeology Program at Flinders University.  He has worked on a number of archaeological programs in Australia and overseas. He was recently the Historic Shipwreck Officer for Queensland, the SS Yongala site manager and the archaeological objects conservator at the Museum of Tropical Queensland.  Andrew is currently working in the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts in the Maritime and Movable Section.

Amer Khan
Trainer: Amer Khan

Having completed an MA in Maritime Archaeology at Flinders University in Australia, Amer is currently an adjunct research associate with the Archaeology Department at Flinders.  He has a BSc in Computer Science and a BA in Biology from Yale University in the U.S.  This is his second project with UNESCO in Sri Lanka; he is very excited to be back and working with members of the MAU and CCF, the Department of Archaeology, the National Museum and the Sri Lankan Navy. 

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