Jason Burns
Michael Krivor
Underwater Archaeology Invasion Beaches Survey 2008
25 April 2008
By Jason Burns and Michael Krivor

Preliminary Findings in Tanapag Lagoon

Two days of diving on high probability targets in Tanapag Lagoon have generated some interesting finds. Closer to the reef we found the remains of what appears to be steam machinery, possibly associated with a pre-war steam vessel.  The site consists of a large piece of machinery (flywheel, gears, and shaft), associated steel I-beams, possible plating and scattered ballast stones.  This one will need to be looked at further.

Tanapag Lagoon holds the most Japanese material evidenced by several Daihatsu landing craft, a possible Japanese sub chaser, and a post war shipwreck (Chinsu) and the remains of several Japanese aircraft.

American war material inside Tanapag includes the remains of a completely intact amphibious tractor (AMTRAC) or Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT).  This site was discovered against the inside reef line sitting upright in about 6 feet of water.  This is a beautiful dive site that will make for an interesting shallow snorkel site for interpretation.

The next phase of our survey work involves side scan imagery of the identified sites then back to full survey outside of Garapan Lagoon.  Reports of more LVT’s and tanks outside the reef line should make for an interesting survey.

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