Jason Burns
Michael Krivor
Underwater Archaeology Invasion Beaches Survey 2008
14 May 2008
By Jason Burns and Michael Krivor

Garapan Lagoon

Diving on high probability targets in Garapan Lagoon revealed the remains of at least 10 US landing craft, pontoon barges, anchors, 2 small craft, and various debris from the Battle of Saipan.  It is unclear weather the landing craft were lost during the Invasion or sunk during the occupation.  The pontoon barges were probably salvaged during the invasion and used as the dock for Garapan long after the war.  Extremely shallow water in the southern end of the lagoon prevented us from diving on the tanks that were exposed, but we recorded them during an earlier effort.  The extreme northern end of Garapan Lagoon adjacent to Tanapag Lagoon revealed the presence of several different types of anchors as well as other debris, possibly associated with the suspected Japanese submarine chaser.



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