ECU's 2006 Fall Field School
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10 October 2006

By Amy Leuchtmann
Amy Leuchtmann

As I sit here trying to organize my thoughts on our first week of “post field work” I truly find myself in a quandary. I fully admit that I was a relieved to know that my days of early mornings, cold water, and that constant feeling of clammy skin were over for a while! However, only moments into our briefing Monday morning, I was ready to beg, plead, do whatever needed be done to get back in the water and out of the classroom…it was time to hand out post field work assignments.

At the conservation lab, Trish and Amy cataloging and recording artifacts.

At the conservation lab, Trish and Amy cataloging and recording artifacts.

To the credit of the crew, we managed to dole out the fifteen assignments in a way that seemed not only fair, but also allowed everyone to volunteer for tasks that fulfilled individual interests. All five of us were pleased with the outcome, which I can only imagine pleased the instructors as well! I am sure everyone will take time to discuss the progress of their tasks as they write up their journal entries, but I will take the time to give a few examples (that is my sly way of avoiding the fact that I haven’t made any progress yet!).

Michelle prepares several recovered fasteners for the conservation process.

Michelle prepares several recovered fasteners for the conservation process.

The five crew members will all take part of finalizing, or inking, the site plan that we have already discussed in previous entries. Along with that plan students will also be creating a conjectured sail plan, deck plan, and rigging plan of the vessel. All of the artifacts that were brought up will need to be cataloged and analyzed. A historic assessment of both Site A and Site B and an overall construction analysis will be written. One student will look specifically at signatures of use and abandonment of the vessel. Another will look at the place of the vessel in the overall maritime cultural landscape of Washington, North Carolina.  I have the privileged task of writing up a fictional narrative, a sort of “Day in the Life Of” scenario of the vessel at Site B. This list of assignments and more will be completed throughout the semester.

Oh, we can’t forget a few other incredibly important tasks that had to be completed immediately. Task number one- CLEAN OUT THE VAN! I’m not sure there is enough air freshener in the state to help get rid of the Pamlico smell that has settled into the upholstery! A good scrub and vacuum did wonders though. Equipment was cleaned and put back away in storage. The dredge spoil artifacts were sorted and catalogued as well. The boats were removed from the water and cleaned.

Our days in the water and sun are gone, and sadly, my tan is following suit.


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