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This season's research objectives were more pointed than in the previous year. High-resolution digital sidescan sonar readouts would continue to enhance the photomosaic map of the site; divers conducted a limited test excavation of the officers' quarters; and selected exposed artifacts were documented and recovered. (Image: Box of shot recovered from bottom surface)

Objectives for Year 2001

Documentation for the site map would not be limited to sonar readouts but would also include 35mm photography and video. This season's intended objects of recovery were a continuation of the 2000 goals. They included an 8 inch pivot gun, a British 32-pounder cannon, the aft fire pump (unrecoverable the previous year), and other small "at risk" artifacts. In addition to discovering new artifacts, the 2001 investigation was intended to generate information on the nature and scope of the archaeological record within the hull of the vessel.