U of  Bristol

University of Bristol
2009 Summer Field School

Acknowledgments Page

We have incurred many debts over the past few years of operations at Road Harbour.

Christopher Juredin & Commercial Dive Services
Ms. Ermin Penn & BVI Tourist Board            
Mr. Lewis Potter & Town and Country Planning
Paul Hubbard & Rainbow Visions Underwater Photography          
Royal Virgin Islands Police Force
Prospect Reef Resort
Royal BVI Yacht Club
The Governor and Mrs. David Pearey
Sonardyne International Ltd                 
Horizon Yacht Charters
TMM Yacht Charters
3H Consulting Ltd                              
BVI National Parks Trust
Mr. Charles Consalvo
Armando Jenik & Underwater Production Services
Mr. David Antscherl                                     
Dr. Greg Herbert
Mr. Richard Dulik
And a final thanks to Kurt and the MUA team for making this project accessible! 




Please feel free to contact us at K.Monk@bristol.ac.uk with any comments, questions, or suggestions during the weeks to come.

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