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The Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology has an excellent education pack that can be used to
supplement this web site. It includes a downloadable PDF entitled "Secrets of the Solent" this resource pack includes
worksheets, suggestions for extended projects a glossary, links to other maritime sites, coloring pages and more.
While this site originates within the United Kingdom it can be adapted for use in the United States. To view this
material click on the Teaching Resources link above.

If your organization would like us to link to your teaching materials please contact us at


Archaeology for Kids: Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Past by Richard Panchyk
Chaco Canyon by R. Gwinn Vivian and Margaret J. Anderson
Ship by David Macaulay

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Other Archaeology / Maritime History Sites:
The Monitor Center
Friends of the Hunley
Kids Dig Reed
Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
The Community Archaeology Program
Sonography (Thanks for the great site tip Bella!)

Teaching the next generation - Archaeology for Children an online article by Jody Steele & Timothy Owen

Smith's Master Index of Maritime Museum Websites
Mariner's Museum
Old Fort Niagara Association

Other Organizations of Interest
CSS Alabama Association
NOAA Kids Corner
PAST foundation
Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Photo Credits:

Top Page
Ship Drawing: Tidewater Atlantic Research
Sonar scan: CSS Alabama Association
Recording the Site: CSS Alabama Association
Publishing/teaching: Ms. Michelle Damian
Analyzing: Images from CSS Alabama Association, collage by T. Kurt Knoerl
Conserving: CSS Alabama Association
Historical Research: Lighthouse Archaeology and Maritime Program

Page 1 Historical Research
Alabama painting: CSS Alabama Association
Imbedded images: CSS Alabama Association

Page 2 Search and Survey
Sidescan sonar images: Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences

Page 3 Recording
Anchor photo and videos: Marine Archaeological Research and Conservation
Drawings of anchor in video: T. Kurt Knoerl

Page 4 Analysis
Underwater stratigraphy and cove bottom photos: T. Kurt Knoerl

Page 5 Conservation
Question 1 Divers: CSS Alabama Association
.................Register from USS Monitor photos: The Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia
Question 2 Enrica: CSS Alabama Association
.................Bayonet: Ms. Michelle Damian
Question 3 Shotbox & x-ray: CSS Alabama Association
Question 4 Plates, conservation images: CSS Alabama Association
Question 5 Conservation images, museum display: CSS Alabama Association

Page 6 Publishing "Sharing the Story"
1 Map: T Kurt Knoerl
...King’s 8th regiment flags: Mr. Ronald Aylor
2 Map: Old Fort Niagara Association
...Soldier: Old Fort Niagara Association
3 Map: Fort drawing
4 Survey crew: Old Fort Niagara Association
...Diver: T. Kurt Knoerl
5 Divers and button images: Old Fort Niagara Association
6 Conservation lab: Old Fort Niagara Association
7 Lecture: CSS Alabama Association
...Collage top left to right: Museum of Underwater Archaeology, Marine Archaeological Research and Conservation, Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society ...bottom left to right: CSS Alabama Association, Old Fort Niagara Association, T. Kurt Knoerl

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